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Unformatted text preview: onathan: Yes. In most cases, Ron, I would say keep it to one product per site and try to get your own domain for that site. Ron: And the reason being you don’t want to drag their focus off and give them so many choices they don’t make any? Jonathan: That’s right. Ron: Basic marketing principles, yeah. Jonathan: We’ve got a products page for existing customers because they already know who we are and they come in and there’s a degree of trust there. But if you’re just trying to make a sale – it’s like would you put two sales letters in the same envelope? No. Ron: No. Good point. Jonathan: You know, you have their attention and they’re gonna give it to you and they’re gonna read it and they’re either gonna say yes, no, or maybe. Terry: Well and the whole thing about this – and now we’re back to the distinct advantages that the Internet gives us, is that if you’re set up and you’re running a site that costs $100, which is not really big or little, but if you could add sites to that for only the cost of registration. There’s no additional fee. So you register a new name for $15 and bingo, you’ve got a new site. Ron: Frankly guys, I’m just starting and I’m trying to make money on the Internet. I’m frankly not all that savvy – I’m learning as I’m going. About how much money do I need to get started before I start bringing in revenue. Is this something that’s gonna take a big investment? Jonathan: Compared to what? Ron: Well, compared to other businesses. Jonathan: Sure you can buy a franchise for $50,000 or $100,000 and buy yourself a job. Ron: Yeah, and you only get to work a half a day. You just have to decide which 12 hours it is. Jonathan: Well, Ron, I’ve seen people get started for as little as a couple of hundred bucks. In fact, I have one client who said he was gonna start his business for free. And he just was bound and determined to do it. I wouldn’t recommend it cause he had to cut some corners, but he used a free website on one of the free web hosts and he used, I think it was a I-Bill account. And he did it absolutely for the lowest possible cost and he sold an information product for something reasonable like $29 or $39 and, frankly, he just waited until he made enough money to go ahead and spend it on the domain name and the fancy hosting. But even if you do all that stuff, it’s still hard to spend over $300 - $400 getting set up. Just to get going. Ron: So what you’re saying is, in fact Terry’s a good example of that, I think I heard Terry say he started with $200, didn’t you Terry? Terry: Yes, that’s exactly what I said. I would have to say that even though there’s a year even from when I started, my biggest expense has always been training and learning what to do, not traffic generation or anything else. Ron: So, honestly, guys, and I mean honestly, one could start from scratch on the Internet, take the steps that we’ve just discussed, not get off track, not do stupid stuff, not do stuff that sucks up your time and don’t have any chanc...
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