Youre real doers youre real players youve done it

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Unformatted text preview: e of producing revenue, and literally start in the Internet business, or using the Internet to run a business, with a few hundred dollars, not a few thousand dollars. Terry: Everybody listening to this tape knows more than I did when I started, so they can do – Jonathan: Ron, thousands of people are doing that today, and thousands of people are gonna do it tomorrow. And yeah, tens of thousands will start it and they won’t all make money, but thousands will. Ron: And thousands are starting it by spending thousands of dollars and listening to the morons and doing all the wrong stuff, and just basically following the wrong leaders who haven’t done it but love to talk about it and like to charge money for talking about it. Which is one of the reasons why we asked you five guys to get on this call. You’re real doers, you’re real players, you’ve done it, you’ve walked the walk. You don’t just talk the talk. And I teach people all the time, guys, if you want to learn how to get rich, the only way you’re gonna learn is from people that are rich. Ted: In fact, you only have to take advice from people who are doing better than you. Ron: Yeah. I want to play golf – I sure don’t want to play anybody worse than I am. David: Right. Ron: Which is difficult for me to find. When I break a hundred we have to party. David: Be able to do, if I can give one word of advice to everyone sitting out there and listening, get some guts and get an opinion. Do not go into Internet marketing if you’re gonna be spineless or part of a me-too crowd – stand out. People are drawn to energy. They’re drawn to opinions. They’re drawn to controversy. They stick their flag in the ground. Make some noise. Get some attention. And go for it. You got nothing to lose and you can make more money than your mother-in-law can spend. You’ll have more time with your kids and your family. You’ll be working from home within a year to two years. There’s almost no down side. Ron: So what you’re saying is you better carve out a niche, not try to be all things to all people cause you’ll never accomplish that goal. Ted: Be a spet. Ron: And in fact the hardest – the worst thing you can do is try to market to the entire universe. Be a spet is the right word. Figure out the market you want to sell to and stick with that market. And that also makes your marketing efforts a whole lot easier by targetting them instead of trying to use the shotgun approach. Terry: Well put. Ron: Guys, I got about three or four minutes to find out what the biggest mistake you’ve made so far in your career is. Who wants to load in on this one? David: I had a partner that was crooked and he had a supplier who was crooked. And I didn’t do my homework and I had a bad partner. Ron: Did you live through it? David: Yeah. It cost me a six figure residual income, but I lived through it. Cleaned the blood and mud off and got back up and kept fighting. Ron: All right. Who else wants to...
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