aenidnotes - that apply. The epic will probably be about...

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Aeneid notes 1. Virgil was born 70 BEC and died 19 BEC, This was during Julius Caesar's rule. About 700 years after the founding of Rome and 200 after the first province was created. 2. The Aeneid is like the Odyssey in that Aeneas descends to the land of the dead, Aeneas fights for the future, not himself where Odysseus fights to get home. There is continuity of generations in both the Aeneid and the Odyssey. The Iliad is has Achilles as a war hero who achieves his goal of eternal glory, but Aeneas doesn't even get that. He also must sacrifice more than the other heroes, some of his freedoms to preserve the ideals of roman society. See pg 1052 3. There are 6 feet either dactyl or spondee, the last two feet are always dactyl plus spondee. It is a hexameter. Written in Latin originally. The English Fitzgerald version is written in Iambic pentameter. 4. The use of a muse tells me that this will probably be an epic and roughly follow, the rules
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Unformatted text preview: that apply. The epic will probably be about the the quest of Aeneas and the sacrifices he made in order to exemplify and found a new empire. 5. Aeneas is at a banquet in carthage. 1 6. Juno delays the arrival of Aeneas by creating a storm and scattering their ships from sea to sea for years. She does this because she loves Carthage and heard a prophecy that it would be overthrown by Trojans. 7. This suggests that Carthage is a city of enormous pride and respect. That they are very organized and build for the welfare of their city. 8. Aeneas sees the story of the Trojan war in panels on the wall and as he cries, he assures Acathes that the fame of their sorrow will surely allow them refuge. 9. The gods give Aeneas the mist to walk into Carthage, Juno scatters the Trojan ships abroad. 2...
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aenidnotes - that apply. The epic will probably be about...

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