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Unformatted text preview: ts' on the site. These tweets © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 5 6 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 appear at the top of their search results. They are currently testing and refining this model and in the future, more companies and marketers will be allowed to pay for advertising on Twitter. For now though, sponsored tweets can work a treat. This involves buying a tweet from a popular personality in your market. The popular person with a lot of real followers will then send the tweet out. One site to buy promotional tweets from is simply called Sponsored Tweets. You can re-direct traffic to an opt-in page to build your list that way. It's definitely one of the more measurable ways for using Twitter, where you can measure in hard dollars and cents how much each click and lead is worth to you. © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 6 7 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 Blueprint #2: How To Get Hyper-Targeted Buyer Targeted Traffic From Amazon! Traffic OK, we all know Amazon is an amazingly convenient source to buy books, movies K, and other gear. You can also make money by promoting products through your Amazing affiliate link. But did you know you can also get traffic from it? Yes, Amazon is an excellent traffic source when used strategically. You can include nt a link in your Amazon profile and that's one way you can get traffic, but you can also include your domain name in your User Name, like this: Your Name ( Now all you need to do is to post excellent reviews on popular products and your username (with the domain name) will appear on all your posts. Amazon gets close to 70 million unique visitors per month, so you can imagine how much potential there is. ial One problem is that you can only include one domain name link in your profile. And you don't want to flood your username with domain URLs. One way to go around it is to use a generic URL on your own server so you can change it to redirect to any offer offer you require. Or you can use a URL shortener like BudURL or Once you have done these steps (included your domain URL in your username Once or/and in your user profile), it is time to get some traffic! Step 1: First, go to the Amazon homepage and click on "Shop All Departments". © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 7 8 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 This This will bring you to page where you have an overview of all the categories on Amazon. Step 2: Next, choose a product you want to write a review on. In this example, I have chosen the Iron Man 2 Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy. Then sen ray/DVD click on the 'Create your own review' button to start writing your review. Note: You your don't don't need to have purchased the product from Amazon to write a review. If you haven't purchased the product at all, you can hire a freelancer who has the product roduct to write the review. You can do this for multiple products that are relevant to your niche. If your niche is You home business, you can just write a review on the most popular home business, entrepreneur and marketing books on Amazon. You can even write reviews for epreneur popular business movies like Wall Street, Enron and Boiler Room to get targeted traffic. How about magazines? Entrepreneur magazine and Home Business magazine are just some of the most popular magazines you can write reviews on. The possibilities are unlimited! © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 8 9 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 Blueprint #3: Forum Marketing – Using "MiniArticles" To Get A Ton Of Traffic The Quick And Painless Way! Forum marketing is kind of old-school, but it still is one of the most fool-proof ways to g...
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