Well you can target based on location sex age keywords

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Unformatted text preview: promoting. In the very next page, you will get to determine what kind of prospect you would like to target. What are some of the ways you can target? Well, you can target based on location, sex, age, keywords, and even their favorite fan pages on Facebook. © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 19 20 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 20 21 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 After that, Facebook will tell you how many people your ad is likely to reach! The next step is to price your ad. You will need to name your campaign, decide on your daily budget, set your maximum bid, and schedule when to start showing your ad on Facebook. Finally, you will get to review your ad. It will show you everything you have entered so far so you can determine whether you've done everything the way you wanted to. Once you are done, you can then place your order. You will need a credit card entered in so that they can verify the information to charge you. Once you have completed this step, your ads will be sent to Facebook so their editors can approve it. Most of the time, it will only take a couple of hours before your ad is live! © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 21 22 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 Blueprint #7: Pay-Per-View Advertising – How To Get Mass Traffic For As Little As $0.02 Per View! This is a method I would only recommend using after you have mastered the other traffic generation tactics and are pulling in a decent income from Internet marketing. Pay Per View Advertising (also known as Cost Per View Advertising) is an advanced method of online marketing that allows you to advertise to adware users. Adware? Sounds like spyware, doesn't it? But it's a completely different kind of software. Adware is software that users voluntarily download to their computer in exchange for downloading a game, wallpaper etc. Spyware is software that is installed without the user's knowledge and is meant to cause harm to the computer. When you advertise on a PPV network, your ads will appear regularly as ads on computers that have the adware program installed. The great thing about PPV advertising is that you don't have to write any ad copy or worry about optimizing your page for Google or the search engines. You just place bids on your keywords and you are good to go! The amount of competition is much lesser too for this method as not many people are using it yet. This means the costper-view can be as little $0.02! With the definition of adware in mind, it is important to take note of the target market. People who download adware are usually young adults who have downloaded games, videos, toolbars and wallpapers. This means that offers like a free game download or a chance to win a free laptop are much more likely to convert on the Pay Per View networks. It is also wise to stick with promoting only Pay Per Lead (or Cost Per Action) offers that only require users to fill up a form, or a squeeze page to build your list. This is because the traffic from PPV is less targeted and comes from pop-ups and pop-unders, which are not as conducive for making product sales upfront. So what are some PPV networks that are worth having a go with? http://www.mediatraffic.com http://www.leadimpact.com http://www.trafficvance.com http://www.clicksor.com Media Traffic is a good source to start with as their interface is user friendly and they are easy to get started with. Go to the Media Traffic registration form to sign up: © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 22 23 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 http://www.mediatraffic.com/register.php If you don't have a company name, your Full Name should suffice. A Media Traffic representative will then email you or call you a day or two lat...
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