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Unformatted text preview: .com http://www.adpost.com A new classified ads site is the new Ebay Classifieds site, also known as Kijiji. http://www.ebayclassifieds.com © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 12 13 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 While it doesn't receive as much traffic as Craigslist, it also receives lesser spam postings and it is easier to get your listings up for a longer period of time. Plus, it is a trusted brand name as well (eBay) and it is inclined to attract targeted buyers. © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 13 14 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 Blueprint #5: Submitting Press Releases For Massive Publicity & Red-Hot Traffic! Press releases have long been known to be an effective online marketing tactic. They are basically announcements to the media about a new company, new event or a new product. People in the media and editors grab press releases as content for newspapers, websites or magazines. They can act as informational articles and also as a useful marketing weapon. Many marketers espouse the effectiveness of press releases to drive in targeted traffic and generate leads. They are also great for ranking in the search engines. Press releases that are welloptimized have been known to appear on the 'News Results' section on the Google Search Engine Results Pages. Not to mention that you can also get some strong backlink juice as well! The way to write a proper press release is not to sound too promotional. In other words, don't come across as trying to hard sell your products or services. Instead, focus on proving information and educating your audience. In some ways, an effective press release is also an effective pre-selling article. Meaning, you pre-sell the audience to what you have to offer. Also, bear in mind that press release editors are not fond of squeeze pages or sales pages, so send the traffic to your main home page. When writing your press release, try to figure out the problems of your niche market, and how your products and services solve them. This makes your press release informational and will entice prospects to know more about your business. The best method to write a press release is to offer factual viewpoints. Write in a journalistic style. Perhaps you can spend some time reading your morning newspaper before crafting your first press release. This helps you understand the language of journalistic writing. It is also advisable to write simply. Don't use complex words which your readers might not understand. After all, it is a press release, not a literature work. Keep your sentences short and concise, so your reader will understand exactly what the article is saying. 5 Elements Of Wildly Successful Press Releases: 1. Be professional. Press releases act like news articles, so use the right fonts and colors. Read newspapers to get a feel of what entails a press release. Use how, what, why, where, when and who. 2. Tell a story. Press releases that tell a story of rags to riches, fat to thin, sick to healthy, all strike a chord with readers and media editors will like that. Try to fit in a story into your press release whenever possible. © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 14 15 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 3. Don't be promotional. Your press release should not act like salesletter or other promotional material. Think of your press release as an informational article about your company. Write your press release as if you were an outsider. 4. Don't be overly dry. Although you should be professional, you must strike a balance between being too boring and being too casual. A press release that manages to achieve this balance is a good press release. Use emotional words that incite feelings, but don't overuse them or your press release will seem too promotional. 5. Call to action. You must call your reader t...
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