Org name however many users of the site are very anti

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Unformatted text preview: s incorporated as a for-profit site (despite it’s .org name). However, many users of the site are very anti-commercial. They prefer to see one person selling one product to another person and they report any posts that look more commercialized than that. Example: If you post an ad to sell your car, that’s great. If a dealer posts an ad to sell a car, some of the long-time CraigsList users will cry spam and “flag” the ad for abuse. Does that mean commercial posts will get removed? Not necessarily. But because some people are a little too eager to click the “flag this ad” button, you might get reported (and your ad might possibly be removed) if it looks too commercial. To avoid this, be sensible. That means you should only post a few ads in a couple regions each day. Before posting anything, find the most appropriate category, look at what else is being posted (especially those ads that are at least 24-48 hours old), and follow suit. In other words, model your ads after the types of ads that seem to be working on the site. You would also want to cloak your affiliate links so they are not blatantly obvious. This is done by using a meta refresh redirect or a php redirect. The second option is better as roving eyes won't be able to check out the source code and see if it is an affiliate link. To create a php redirect, simply create a plain .php file on your server and insert this html text into it: <?php header('Location:'); ?> © Copyright Fabian Tan, All Rights Reserved Worldwide Page | 11 12 Lazy Traffic Blueprints 2 Don't worry if all this is a bit confusing. You can always use the other traffic generation methods or classified ad sites other than Craigslist. Here's how to write profit-pulling classified ads: 1. Have a compelling headline. This is the first thing targeted visitors will see. It will decide whether your advertisements get seen or not. So spend a lot of time writing a quality headline. Use benefit-driven words in your headline such as "secrets", "discount", "limited time only". These words are proven to get the click throughs. 2. Provide quality photographs and pictures in your copy. If you sign up for US Free Ad's premium service, you are allowed to add pictures to your ad. Good pictures make your ad more appealing and attractive. 3. Use bullet points in your ads. Internet surfers tend to skim over content on websites, so bullet points help the reader to read your copy easily. If you post long paragraphs on your ad, people won't bother to read it and will click away. 4. Use a "call-to-action". This tells a visitor to take an action that you want him to take, such as to click through to your website, to buy your product, or to sign up for your newsletter. Writing a classified ad is really easy once you get a grasp of it. Once you have a profitable copy, you only need to spend a few minutes each day reposting it to the classified ads sites. 2. Network with other CraigsList users by joining the discussion forums. CraigsList has a huge network of discussion forums across topics ranging from adoption to yoga and everything in between – including adult-oriented forums. Treat the CraigsList forums as you would any other niche forum or social network site. Specifically, don’t spam the forums with your offers. Instead, post thoughtfully to build your good reputation and establish yourself as an expert in the niche. After you’ve spent some time doing that, you can begin to use your signature link. For more tips on how to use the CraigsList forums, refer back to the Forum Marketing section earlier. Here is my my personal list of classified ads sites: http://www.oodle...
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