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Nichole Stadniuk Portfolio #5 10-22-2006 My light bulb idea has to do with the fast food restaurant industry. Have you ever been to a McDonalds or even a Burger King during the rain or snow? You open up your window to talk or to pay the man/ woman and get all wet and snowy? My idea will better the service of this industry by having the fast food joints build something similar to a carwash garage or an over hang. The overhang or garage would mostly benefit the franchises in the northern states that get snow and rainy weather during the fall and winter times. This will keep there customers dry and happy possibly even a bit warmer in the winter because it would shelter the wind and cold air from them. The employees would enjoy this because they would not have to get wet and wear gloves; as
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Unformatted text preview: you see often up here in New York State. It would almost be like a tunnel you drive through to each station just as they have it now but dryer. But with this you will not get wet, or snowed on. As we all know fast food is not fast anymore and this would keep the customer somewhat less irritated due to now getting wet. Also like a carwash the fast food tunnel would have doors that either automatically get shut from inside the building, this alone would let people driving by or in to see that the restaurant is closed for the night. It would cut down on people driving up and screaming into the speaker to hear no one answer on the other end....
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