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Black 1 Wes Black, Mail Box #598 Professor Libengood ENG 131 1 st Draft 16 April 2008 Going Green “It’s not easy being green” is a famous song by Kermit the Frog played in a Sesame Street episode. Throughout the song, Kermit complains about being green and wanting to be a different color. He finds it boring because he feels that he blends in with everything. He also explains that he wants to stand out like the flashy sparkles in the water, but then he sees that green is the color of spring, and believes that it is a wonderful color after all. He feels that green is an important color to have in the world, and after all that is what he wants to be because it will be fine whatever color he will be in the end. Many people feel the same way about the craze going throughout the United States and the world. This new craze is titled, “going green.” Going green is what is referred to as making the environment cleaner, and not being so wasteful on everyday products that Americans consume or use. Hybrid cars and energy efficient homes are just two of the many things that people are using to go green on. Today, I will tell you why going green is very important; energy efficient houses, hybrid cars, energy efficient light bulbs, and celebrities are going green. Going green is important for both the United States, and the world. If we don’t take charge of our environment, who will? We have to think about the future of our awesome planet; otherwise it won’t be here in years to come for our children and grandchildren. With the high American population, our natural resources are depleting quickly if they haven’t depleted already.
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Black 2 Most of the threats that we have on any future generation is what we throw away every day. For Example, household batteries and electronics often contain dangerous chemicals that
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Going Green Final - Black 1 Wes Black Mail Box#598...

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