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The Divine Comedy - Alex Adelman The Divine Comedy Anna...

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Alex Adelman The Divine Comedy Anna Dragoni-Logan Dance 101 – Section 004 SSN# - 30623 Review of The Divine Comedy September 27 th 2007 The choreography of The Divine Comedy was done by Miriam Barbosa and Brenda Nieto. Barbosa and Nieto did a brilliant job using modern dance to show the tale of Dante’s journey through hell, purgatory, and then paradise, or heaven. The goal of each scene was to show Dante’s experience in each realm he was in. The dancing in hell was done at much faster pace than the dancing done in heaven to show the feeling associated with the given realms. The Divine Comedy dance tells a story of Dante Alighieri and his journey through the three realms of the afterlife. Virgil, the poet, leads Dante through the realms of hell and purgatory. Virgil, in the dance, is portrayed as the protector. He shields Dante from the evil creatures of hell yet exposes him to every circle of hell. Virgil then takes Dante through the boring and monotonous interpretation of purgatory. The choreographers made the right choice making the dance slow and somewhat boring because it provided the audience with what purgatory is viewed as in The Divine Comedy. In this dance, the entire stage was used. Dancers used the front of the stage and back of the stage as well as stage left and stage right. Much of the choreography is centered on
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The Divine Comedy - Alex Adelman The Divine Comedy Anna...

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