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Cassie Morgan SIS-105-010 Professor Chong 20 November 2007 Response #3 The AIDS crisis is much larger than I realized it was. I know that it is a large conflict, but I wasn’t aware that in some areas of Africa as many as 1 in 3 people are infected with HIV, which can eventually lead to AIDS. In other areas there are 1 in 6 people infected with the virus as well. This issue has been progressing rapidly and seems to have no end. Although the free medicine does help in the short-run, I believe that providing general education about safe sex, using contraceptives, and providing more information about the deep causes and risks to health that his epidemic can lead to. The treating of the AIDS virus is difficult because many people who need the treatment do not have enough money to get the medication. It is good that some countries are providing free medicine to some poor people, but I feel that by doing this it is not teaching the people anything. I feel that by giving away free medicine whenever a person
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