3-25-08 worksheet

3-25-08 worksheet - NAME Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S...

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NAME: Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN’S VOICES THROUGH TIME Spring 2008 2008 Worksheet Set #7: due Friday 3/21 #19 Anne Fausto-Sterling, “Two Sexes Are Not Enough” Background: Anne Fausto-Sterling proposes a significant challenge to the conventional thinking that all humans must be one of two sexes. What are the grounds on which she makes this argument? Fausto-Sterling goes as far as to say that there should be as many as five different types of sexes so as to accommodate intersex and transgender people along with male and female. She claims that to have only male and female as gender options is not the right thing to have in place because there are other genders besides those two. I understand that by doing this will allow people who are intersex and transgender feel more comfortable in society, but it is just another classification that society will have created so that it can be clearer as to what or who you are. What are the advantages and disadvantage of recognizing more than two sexes, in your opinion? #21 Mariah Burton Nelson, "Boys Will Be Boys and Girls Will Not" She suggests that many men use professional sports like football to argue for men's physical superiority. What does she see as wrong with this argument? This argument is incorrect because women and men have different bodies. Women have more fat on them, while it is easier for men to build muscle. Saying that men are better at football because they are physically superior is incorrect also because there are women who can play the sport just as well as any man can. Nelson describes some physical qualities and vulnerabilities that actually disadvantage
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3-25-08 worksheet - NAME Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S...

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