4-4-08 worksheet

4-4-08 worksheet - NAME: Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S...

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NAME: Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN’S VOICES THROUGH TIME Spring 2008 2008 WORKSHEET SET # 8 DUE TUESDAY 4/1 Barbara Garson “ Tuna Fish” What were some of the aspects of working on the fish packing lines that you noticed, besides the work itself, that seemed difficult to endure, harsh, or unpleasant? There was a time when one of the women had fainted. She was taken to the locker room and was asked if she wanted to go home or stay and work. Many of the women chose to stay and work, some not having a choice to because they lived outside of the city limits and were not able to easily get home. Also, the working conditions were hazardous at times. There was a time where Nan got hit in the head and no one would even write up an injury report for her. This is unlawful to do because, as Nan stated in the article, if she were to wake up paralyzed from the head injury, there would be no proof that it occurred at work and then the company would not be reliable for the damage because there was no record of it ever happening, which is just what the company wants. Why do you think the “line ladies” were so mean to the ordinary workers? The union officials don’t seem to be very helpful when workers get upset or frustrated. Garson seems to think that they were in league with the company to keep the workers in line. What do you think would cause union officials to act like that? The line ladies were probably mean to the ordinary workers because they were otld to be harsh to them by their boss. Also, the line ladies were not getting paid much more than the ordinary workers so they could have been bitter about that as well. The reason that there are even line leaders is because it is a way to make sure that each of the ordinary workers stays on task and is always at the optimal level of
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4-4-08 worksheet - NAME: Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S...

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