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Morgan Cassie Morgan College Writing: LIT-100-047 Professor Warfield 4 October 2007 Honduran Enlightenment I have one feeling for what I experienced when stepping off of the frighteningly small plane to Honduras: culture shock. No longer was I in my comfort zone in Sewickley, Pennsylvania; I was now in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Sewickley is a small, quiet little town in Western Pennsylvania. There is not much hustle and bustle in my small hometown like there is in Tegucigalpa. As soon as we walked outside of the airport in Tegucigalpa, there were cars honking and lots of people everywhere. It was very overwhelming. Talk about a drastic difference of locations! The different cultures became extremely clear the moment that the mission team stepped off of the small, cramped plane that made us all fear for our lives. The next ten days would shape how I look at the rest of my life. It had finally hit us that we were no longer in our comfort zones and that we were now surrounded by a setting that was not familiar or comfortable for any of us. There were obvious differences about America and Honduras, one being how different the airports looked. It was a grey and brown building with not much greenery around expect for the mountains that were off to the right of the building. The airport was a very small and simple building that was about the same size as a ranch style house that was in my neighborhood. The mission team walked off of the plane and headed to the building to get our bags and proceed through customs, all of us a bit uneasy as to what to 1
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Morgan expect. While standing in line to pass through customs and into the country, I had plenty of time to take in everything and observe my surroundings. The airport was a very small building and packed with many people. Everyone was talking and the noise resonated loudly in the building. I was used to hearing the Spanish language because my mother often speaks it at home, but hearing so many different conversations at the same time in Spanish was overwhelming. The language and new surrounding was not the only overwhelming experience of the day. I did not notice it at first, but as soon as I stepped outside of the airport, I saw how poor the country and its people are. Children with their raggedy clothes and their shaking cupped hands line the sidewalks begging for money. Begging is something that I rarely see in America, especially not from children. The art of begging is another difference
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course LIT 100 taught by Professor Warfield during the Fall '07 term at American.

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memoir essay - Morgan 1 Cassie Morgan College Writing:...

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