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Ponds Response - Cassie Morgan LIT-100-047 Professor...

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Cassie Morgan LIT-100-047 Professor Warfield 29 November 2007 Ponds and Letters Response Mike Tidwell’s The Ponds of Kalambayi and Susan Blake’s Letters form Togo have some similar situations in which they both begin to understand the differences between the country that they are from, the United States, and the countries they were in, Zaire and Togo. The similarities that they face while over in their trips are ones that allow them to grow more aware of the culture of the United States and the culture that they were surrounded with during their trips abroad. Mike Tidwell begins to have insight into the culture of Zaire at many points in his novel. Tidwell found it very confusing and frustrating as to why the African families would have so many children if they could not support their family. His argument was to have fewer children, educate them, and then in the long run they will be able to provide more for you than if you have many unhealthy and uneducated children. The scene starts out by Tidwell showing a crowd a series of pictures. By the last page, the man impoverished in the first illustration had
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Ponds Response - Cassie Morgan LIT-100-047 Professor...

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