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Morgan Cassie Morgan College Writing: LIT-100-047 Professor Warfield 5 November 2007 Simply Jillian Brown It was a warm and crisp day, the weekend of Labor Day, as Jillian Brown stepped outside of her house on 41 Ferry Street in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania. The once dark green now burnt orange and golden yellow leaves have now begun to fall from the big oak tree in her front yard. Her long, blond hair moved along with the easy cool breeze of fall. She looked up towards the sky with her bright blue eyes and watched as the cotton-like clouds roll by slowly. She smiled sweetly as she breathed in the fresh fall air. Jillian stood on her porch and looked all around her. Outdoors is where she enjoys to be. She heads straight to the big oak tree in her front yard that has the tree swing on it. Her and her two brothers love the tree swing. That is always the first place Jillian goes when she goes outside. Even if she only goes on the swing for a minute, it is still the first thing she does. It was first built when Owen, Jillian’s older brother, was born. The seat of the swing is a simple piece of wood that is painted white with dark green leaves painted on the border of the seat. Long ropes are tied around a strong branch on the tree to connect the swing to the tree. The swing has become very worn over the years due to much use. Quietly, she stepped onto the swing and started to pump the swing forward and backward. She had a slow start but then quickly gained speed. Higher and higher she swung. I sit quietly on my porch, watching her swing. I have known Jillian since she was first born. Our families have been neighbors 1
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Morgan since Jillian’s parents first moved in next to us about ten years ago. I have had the joy of watching Jillian grow through out the years. Although she is only six years old, Jillian is
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profile essay - Morgan 1 Cassie Morgan College Writing:...

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