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Darfur: Should the US get involved? I believe that the US should indeed help in Darfur, but we can't be trying to help everyone out in the world with their problems. Isn't that what the UN is for? To help states with their disagreements? It sickens me to know that genocide is happening like this in our day and age. It makes me wonder if our people have matured at all since the time of Hitler and his genocide. Believe me, I would love to help solve the genocide in Sudan, but the US has another issue, Iraq, it needs to solve before it can get involved in something else. Now I may sound like someone who doesn’t care about the genocide in Sudan, but that is far from the truth. I hate the fact that another human would want to cause such harm to another human. That someone hates someone so much that they would KILL them. Many of the soldiers in the rebel groups have to kill their own family members and other people that they don’t even know. I can’t even begin to imagine how traumatizing
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