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Is sovereignty still relevant today? The sovereignty of a state is a valued possession. It gives a state its independence and allows it to act on its own and make its own decisions without having to listen to another state. A sovereign state gets to be their personal boss. But with globalization and our increasing interdependence with other states, is sovereignty still relevant in this age? Sovereignty was first recognized in 1648 with a peace treaty called the Treaty of Westphalia. This treaty basically says that ‘I will recognize your existence as a state if you recognize my existence as a state’. The idea of sovereignty is that each state has their own right to decide what happens within their own state boundaries. This is still valued today. There are two different aspects of sovereignty. One aspect is internal sovereignty. This aspect is defined as the government having control over what goes on within a state territory. This type of sovereignty enables a state to set its own rules and do what it would
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