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Latin America - Cassie Morgan ECON-100-001 Professor Park 3...

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Cassie Morgan ECON-100-001 Professor Park 3 December 2007 The main dilemma that the global community has noticed between the various Latin American countries including Colombia and Peru is that they aim for economic improvements but it comes at the cost of environmental and cultural integrity. This is largely seen in both Colombia and Peru, but with different issues within the two countries. The economies of Colombia and Peru benefit greatly by their use of the environment to create energy through natural gas pipelines in both countries. In Colombia, the economy has been increasing within recent years due to their increase security within the country and also due to their increase in focusing on exports. Their major exports include oil, petroleum, coal, and coffee. Their highest export partner is the United States with a percentage of 35.2 of Colombian exports going to the United States. One current project that Colombia is jointly working on with Venezuela is a gas pipeline that will be constructed from Colombia and will expand into Venezuela. This pipeline plans to eventually expand into surrounding countries such as Ecuador and Panama. The pipeline has been created in hopes to create more trade with rapidly growing Asia. The Venezuelan president has made a point of asserting that Latin American countries must become less reliant on the United States and forge stronger trade relations among themselves and with alternative trade partners like China. He noted that he would like to see the pipeline extend
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Latin America - Cassie Morgan ECON-100-001 Professor Park 3...

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