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Cassie Morgan Online Journal August 31, 2007 Actual definition of music: humanly patterned sound that is created to be performed or listened to. My definition of music: Music is something that charges the mind, body, and soul with emotions. It varies with each individual person, for some, the simple chirp of a bird can be music, yet to others not. The screaming of a heavy metal rock and is music to others. It really depends on the individual. September 7, 2007 After reading and discussing Bob Marley in class, I went back to my dorm room and listened to some of his songs. I listened to various songs, one of them being Redemption Song , as requested by the book. I understood the song so much better by reading the lyrics while listening to the song at the same time and then reading the explanation of the song. I had always enjoyed listening to Bob Marley, but I now have a greater respect for his music now that I have some basic background information on him and his lifestyle. I had always seen Redemption Song simply as a protest type song, but I now understand the meaning behind the song. September 14, 2007 The clothing that the Baka people wear is very simple. They wear simple pieces of cloth and rope and usually no shoes. They speak their own language also. For food, they hunt anything that they can find in the forest like fish or monkey’s. They seem to have a simple belief system, meaning that they are not fast paced like much of the Western culture. I also found it interesting that they would rebuild their house everyday when they moved. Many people would not have the patience to do that every day. It seems that the role of music in their society is used as motivation while working. When they were clearing out the termite hill for food there was a certain pattern to which they were beating the hill with their sticks. They also used music for storytelling. The men gathered around the fire they had built, he began telling the listeners a story and eventually all of the people around the fire started adding beats to the story. The Baka culture is very different from the general culture of the West.
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MUSIC JOURNAL - Cassie Morgan Online Journal August 31,...

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