05 so we reject the null hypothesis the the null

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Unformatted text preview: is enough evidence to support the There claim that there is a difference in the mean scores of the front, middle, and back rows in class. in The ANOVA doesn’t tell which row is The different, you would need to look at confidence intervals or run post hoc tests to determine that to 36 Practice Question Practice Three suppliers provide parts in shipments of 500 units. Random samples of six shipments from each of the three suppliers were carefully checked, and the numbers of parts not conforming to standards were recorded. These numbers are listed in the table. Test the hypothesis that means of these non-standard parts per shipment are same. Supplier A Supplier B Supplier C 28 22 33 37 27 29 34 29 39 29 20 33 31 18 37 33 30 38 37...
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