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Unformatted text preview: than another, only whether they’re all equal or at least one is different. at H : µ =µ =µ 0 F M B 7 One-Way ANOVA One-Way A random sample of the students in each random row was taken row The score for those students on the The second exam was recorded second Front: Middle: Back: 82, 83, 97, 93, 55, 67, 53 83, 78, 68, 61, 77, 54, 69, 51, 63 38, 59, 55, 66, 45, 52, 52, 61 8 One-Way ANOVA One-Way The summary statistics for the grades of each row The are shown in the table below are Row Front Middle Back 7 9 8 Mean 75.71 67.11 53.50 St. Dev 17.63 10.95 8.96 310.90 119.86 80.29 Sample size Variance 9 One-Way ANOVA One-Way Variation Variation is the sum of the squares of the Variation deviations between a value and the mean of the value the Sum of Squares is abbreviated by SS and Sum often followed by a variable in parentheses such as SS(B) or SS(W) so we know which sum of squares we’re talking about sum 10 One-Way ANOVA One-Way Are all of the values identical? No, so there is some variation in the data This is called the...
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