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Unformatted text preview: ation from the They mean and are found by dividing the variation by the degrees of freedom degrees MS = SS / df Variation Variance = df 27 One-Way ANOVA One-Way MS(B) MS(W) MS(T) = 1902 / 2 = 3386 / 21 = 5288 / 23 = 951.0 = 161.2 = 229.9 Notice that the MS(Total) is NOT the sum of Notice MS(Between) and MS(Within). MS(Between) This works for the sum of squares SS(Total), This but not the mean square MS(Total) but The MS(Total) isn’t usually shown 28 One-Way ANOVA One-Way Completing the MS gives … Source SS df MS Between 1902 2 951.0 Within 3386 21 161.2 Total 5288 23 F p 229.9 29 One-Way ANOVA One-Way Special Variances The MS(Within) is also known as the pooled The estimate of the variance since it is a weighted average of the individual variances average Sometimes abbreviated Sometimes s 2 p The MS(Total) is the variance of the response The variable. variable. Not technically part of ANOVA table, but useful none the Not less less 30 One-Way ANOVA One-Way F test statistic An F test statistic is the ratio of two sample An...
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