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Cassie Morgan Understanding Music: PERF-110-001 Professor Smith 18 September 2007 Response to Khan Questions 1. How does Khan weave the elements of music in his discourse? Khan believes that music is present in all aspects of life. Every motion has harmony and every thought has a melody, therefore they move together. (pg.2) 2. What or who is the Beloved? The Beloved is considered to be God, or, if you are a non-believer, some type of higher power. Khan says that music is the picture of the Beloved. (pg. 2) 3. How important is movement? Movement is very important. Khan says that movement enables us to understand time, the changing seasons, day and night. If there wasn’t any movement then there would not be any time. (pg.2) 4. What is the wine of life? Music and the beauty that it creates is considered to be the wine of life. According to the Saqi, all beauty is the wine of life. (pg. 3) 5. What is Khan’s distinction between the different levels of listening to music as a source of amusement, pastime, art, or sacred? Music when listened to as an art form is used simply for artistic purposes. Music
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