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Morgan Cassie Morgan SIS-105- Professor Chong 7 December 2007 A Country Study: Costa Rica The country of Costa Rica is one that has much to be proud of. They are developing quickly and have nearly reached developed nation status. Rich in culture and tradition, Costa Rica is a paradise for man and animal alike. This paradise of jungles is home to unique species of flora and fauna. The diverse terrain features volcanoes, caves, beaches, and several rain forests. With all that Costa Rica has to offer, people flock to the country. The country is small, so people will try to get their hands on any land that they can find. About 40% of the land is rural and is mainly used as farmland to grow such exports as bananas, coffee, cacao, pineapples, and even sugarcane (Englar 2006). These products bring in a lot of money for the country, $40.44 billion in 2005, which helps to support different governmental programs (200, None of the money that is brought in form the exports goes to support the military forces because Costa Rica does not have an army. With this being said, it is good to assume that Costa Rica has good International Relations with not only surrounding countries but with the rest of the world as well. Costa Rica is currently an active member of the United Nations and is also a member of the Organization of American States (2007, Wikipedia). The country holds a high leadership role in the international organization of the United Nations University of Peace along with many other international organizations that relate to promoting 1
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Morgan democracy and human rights, along with sustainable development, as a way to secure stability and growth (2007, Wikipedia). This is only one aspect of their strong government. Costa Rica’s government, led by President Oscar Arias Sánchez and Vice President Laura Chinchilla Miranda, is a democratic republic. A democratic republic government is one that holds elections where everyone who is 18 years or older has to
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costa rica country study - Morgan 1 Cassie Morgan...

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