Mesoamerica AND Costa Rica

Mesoamerica AND Costa Rica - Morgan 1 Cassie Morgan...

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Morgan Cassie Morgan SIS-105-010 Professor Chong 7 December 2007 Global Development in the Mesoamerica Region and Costa Rica The Mesoamerica region of the world has always been a region that was rich in culture. With its’ beautiful mountains and beaches, it is a region that can be enjoyed by all. Although it is indeed a very beautiful area, the current status of development is not as great as it could be. Indeed, the region is on it’s way to becoming a wonderfully developed region, but there are some nations within the region who are holding up the process of development. Although it is slowly growing and developing, the region does seem to be doing well with the Millennium Development Goals sent out by the United Nations to hopefully speed up the development process in the constantly developing world. The Mesoamerica region, a region that is well on its’ way to becoming a developed region, has wonderful geography. This region of the world has both low-lying and highland regions. Located in the low-lying regions are tropical climates that can be found along coastlines such as the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The highlands show much more diversity in climate range. There are areas of dry tropical weather, and then there are other areas where the climate is a cold, mountainous climate. The dominant climate in the Mesoamerica region seems to be warm temperatures and moderate rainfall. The Mesoamerica region of the world does not only have beautiful weather, it also has many wonderful places to visit. 1
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Morgan The eight states that make up the Mesoamerica region are Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. Each of these states vary in their development stages; Costa Rica and Mexico lead the region as the most developed nations while Guatemala, Belize, and Nicaragua seem to be the least developed nations of the region. Many of the things that need to be analyzed when deciding if a nation is considered developed or not deal with how society approaches the idea of change. For some, change is hard except, especially when a nation has been so dependent on the resources and aid of another nation. It is hard for someone to start off new when they have been dependant on someone or something for such a long time. Similarly to how a person has to start off fresh when they are on their own, a nation also has to start fresh once they have gained their independence from the colonial power that was ruling over their nation. Many of the nations in the Mesoamerica region were ruled by Spain, which is why the main language of the region is Spanish. All of the nations, with the exception of Belize, received their independence from Spain in 1821 (CIA 2007). The British and Spanish disputed over the region that is now Belize during the 17 th and 18 th centuries (CIA 2007). After many years of arguing, Belize finally formally became the British in 1854 (CIA 2007). Disputes about borders between the British and Guatemala delayed the independence of Belize
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Mesoamerica AND Costa Rica - Morgan 1 Cassie Morgan...

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