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Cassie Morgan SIS-105-010 Professor Chong 16 November 2007 Response on The End of Poverty Article This article had a very eye-opening effect on me. I now have a clearer understanding of what happens behind the scenes of when a country receives aid. I was really moved by the breakdown of where aid money is spent on in Africa. Thirty dollars per Sub-Saharan African for aid is way too little money to be giving a country that is so far behind in development. I would have though that the amount was more like $1,000 dollars per person, but I have been very misled as to how much aid is actually being given and to how the money is split up for each person. To see that the total aid per African comes to an astonishing six cents is awful. This amount of money is definitely not going to be of any help to an African, especially when the cost of a bundle of wood to barely cook dinner costs thirty cents. I knew before reading this article that in order for the world to be able to combat
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