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Cassie Moran SIS-105-010 Professor Chong 27 November 2007 Response #4 The environmental challenges that we face today are all very important and need to be taken seriously. This is also an important topic in the upcoming 2008 presidential elections. Many people are concerned about the oil supply and global warming. But, as the article mentioned on the first page, the United States has been taking a unilateral stance on environmental issues. The Bush Administration has started this unilateral stance on environmental issues. The reason that I believe this unilateral stance can be harmful is because then there are no other countries in alliance with the United States to tell them what they can do to improve their environmental policy. I believe that if the United States participated in a multilateral stance that they would be held reliable to hold up their end of the bargain to help reduce emissions and make the environment healthier. Although much damage has already occurred to the planet, if we take the time to cut down on such things as green house emissions then the
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