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Cassie Morgan SIS-105-010 Professor Chong 30 November 2007 Response #5 Overpopulation is a severe issue that also connects with other such issues as poverty and hunger. When there are too many people in a country, the food supply is less per person. Also, if a country has too many people in it, then not all of those people are going to be able to get jobs because most countries do not have one billion jobs for people in their country. Another issue that comes with overpopulation is poor education. India only has 1 preschool for every 8,000 kids. Only 65% of the schools have blackboards and chalk to teach with. It is hard for me to believe that this can be allowed in a country but then I realize that they probably do not have the money or land to be able to somehow regulate the system so that children are able to get a proper education and will then be able to support their families when they get older. But many children are not sent to school because they are needed at home to help with housework or are sent into villages to work
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