A quality inspector takes several sample measurements

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Unformatted text preview: and determines the sample average assembly time is 32 an 32 sec. sec. with a standard deviation of 3 sec. a) Calculate the process capability index Calculate the process capability index b) If McDonald’s wants to achieve 3-sigma service, is this 3process capable of delivering desired service quality? How can the process be improved? can the process be improved? Improving Process Capability Improving Process Capability σ=5 σ =10 LTL LTL UTL σ =10 LTL UTL σ=5 LTL UTL 30 UTL Man Yu - Spring 2009 From Control to Improvement From Control to Improvement Quality = Process control + Kaizen Process control Kaizen Weight Out of Control of Control In Control Control Improved UCL LCL Time 31 Stephen Shum Spring 2009 Summary Summary Control charts – Concepts – Calculation of control limits Process capability index capability index – Concepts and calculation – Relationship to six sigma quality to six sigma quality 32 Man Yu - Spring 2009 Next Class Next Class Capacity Planning I 33 Man Yu - Spring 2009...
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