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Worksheet - NAME Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S VOICES THROUGH TIME 2008 Worksheet Set 1 due Friday 1/25 Susan Glaspell"A Jury of Her Peers

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NAME: Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN’S VOICES THROUGH TIME Spring 2008 2008 Worksheet Set # 1: due Friday 1/25 Susan Glaspell, "A Jury of Her Peers" What are some of the bits of evidence that Glaspell reveals that lead you to understand Mrs. Wright's life and her experience? (Please type in your answers here: use about as much space as is spaced out on the page as a guide.) She used to be a very happy and pretty girl that everyone knew in town. Now she seems to be untidy and mysterious. The bird represented her old life before she was married so when the bird ied, it was as if a part of her died as well. Perhaps not happy with her marriage either, which could be why she killed her husband. It also seems like she did not show too much emotion because when the man was retelling how he found Mrs. Wright simply sitting in the chair un-amused by the fact that the body of her dead husband was simply sitting in their bedroom did not seem to phase her. What are some of the social expectations about gender roles revealed in the story? WOMEN: Women belong in the kitchen. They don’t do criminal work. They only speak when spoken to. MEN: Only they can be in law enforcement. To be listened to by their wives. Do you think that Glaspell would argue that men and women are essentially different and have different sensibilities? What made the two women, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, able to understand each other? The men in this article were trying to figure out how a man was killed and who killed him. They kept retracing their steps over and over instead of trying different scenarios. The woman looked in different rooms like the kitchen and the room where Mrs. Wright sat. In this room is where they found the bird, who was also choked the same way Mr. Wright was choked. The woman understood each other because they were able to connect through Mrs. Wright. How did you feel as you read it and right afterwards? Do you think Glaspell was suggesting that men and women ARE inately different, or that society educated them to be that way? Glaspell makes it seem as though women and men are different, and they indeed are, but I believe that many of the differences are due to society. I felt annoyed with the fact that the women were not asked their opinion about what they thought might have happened to Mr. Wirght but also proud that
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Worksheet - NAME Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S VOICES THROUGH TIME 2008 Worksheet Set 1 due Friday 1/25 Susan Glaspell"A Jury of Her Peers

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