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lecture4 Data and Graphics 2011

Pc images vectorgraphics vectorgraphics

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Unformatted text preview: Paint Vector Graphics Vector Graphics An alternative scheme for representing images is called “vector graphics” In vector graphics objects are represented explicitly. This picture might be represented as: square at (1,1) height 3, width 2 color red line from (1,2) to (10, 7) width .1 color blue Vector Graphic Images Vector Graphic Images Object-oriented or vector graphics treat the image as a collection of graphic objects such as lines, curves, and figures of Best rendered on special vector graphics machines Vector graphics are resolution independent and highly scalable Vector graphics are more easily edited and often more compact Vector in storage in Vector graphic images must often be converted to bitmapped Vector images for display on bitmapped systems such as a PC images Vector Graphics Vector Graphics the image is composed of graphic objects (lines, curves, figures, etc.) each object is defined by its graphic properties RECTANGLE width: 200 length: 300 X-origin: 150 Y-origin: 100 LineWidth: 1 these properties may be changed and scaled easily AreaFill: 6 (X-origin, Y-origin) Vector Graphics Vector Graphics each object occupies a separate layer layers may be moved, scaled, and arranged in different orders objects may be deleted and inserted easily Advantages of Vector Graphics Advantages of Vector Graphics Because the program “knows” there is a square, it can do things like rotate the square, enlarge it, paint it...
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