lecture4 Data and Graphics 2011


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Unformatted text preview: tized image, which contains a set of numbers representing the features (color, intensity) of that spatial sample (a pixel may only have ONE color and intensity, therefore it is the lowest element of an image) Bitmap­ a method of representing and storing digital images and graphics whereby the image is composed of a collection of individual pixels More Buzz More Buzz Resolution­ The capacity for detail contained in a message or signal. Representations with high resolution capture more detail than those with low resolution In the case of digital images, resolution is primarily determined by : Number of pixels Size of Pixels Density of Pixels Digital Images and Pictures A picture (as on your computer monitor) consists of many “pixels” (= “picture element”). A pixel is a very small area of uniform color and intensity. Think of your monitor as consisting of about 1,000,000 discrete small squares, or pixels. Bitmap Graphics Bitmap Graphics To display things on the computer monitor, a modern­ day computer has built in hardware (memory) for storing a “bitmap” that represents the “picture” that should be displayed on...
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