lecture4 Data and Graphics 2011


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Unformatted text preview: d we represent letters for How could we represent letters for instance? For characters we need 26 letters, 10 numbers, special marks, etc. About 127 possibilities including upper and lower case including control characters Ascii is an agreed upon code in which every character, numbers, etc. is given a unique 8 bit code (1 byte). So we need 4 bytes to represent the word “love” Good tutorial on Binary Good tutorial on Binary http://www.swansontec.com/binary.html Representing Digital Samples Representing Digital Samples The values associated with Digital Samples are stored in Binary form, which is a very easy and inexpensive way for electrical machines to store and manipulate values by using simple building block electronic circuits built out of transistors So, you should think of a computer or any digital device as a machine that can store, manipulate and move large amounts of binary information at very high rates of speed Graphics Buzzwords Graphics Buzzwords Pixel­ aspatial sample of a digital image. A pixel element is the basic component of a digi...
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