2-8-08 worksheet

2-8-08 worksheet - AME Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S...

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AME: Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN’S VOICES THROUGH TIME Spring 2008 2008 Worksheet Set #3: due Friday 2/8 Audre Lorde, "That Summer I Left Childhood Was White" What details in the story help us to understand the respectability of Audre Lorde's family? There were several moments that led us to believe that they were not socially accepted. Her mother packed them their meals for the train ride down to Washington DC because she knew that they were not allowed to eat in the dining car of the train. The biggest sign was when they sat down in the ice cream parlor and were told that they could order take out and were not allowed to sit inside of the restaurant because they were Black. They did not do anything wrong but were treated differently simply because of the color of their skin. What are four events that she describes or refers to that illustrate the pain and fury that racism caused for African American people at that time? - her sister not being allowed to go on her senior trip because she was Black and the hotel they were staying at would not allow her to stay there - -being denied service in the ice cream parlor - noticing how everything, even the sidewalks and the buildings, seemed whiter than those of New York City - she also refers to the lady who was not allowed to sing in an auditorium because of her race so she sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial - having to stay in either certain hotels or certain hotel rooms specifically for people who were not white. At the end, Lorde describes her own anger at racist injustice, but what other clues does she provide to suggest the costs of her family's internalized racism and complex way of dealing with anger at the system? Audre was very outspoken about what happened at the ice cream parlor. She didn’t understand why her family was not allowed to eat there because they had done nothing wrong. Her family dealt with it quietly by not talking about it. Her parents realized that they should not
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2-8-08 worksheet - AME Cassie Morgan WGST 150.001 WOMEN'S...

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