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Unformatted text preview: the issue. s B) gree that trade theory is thus proven hollow and internally inconsistent. a C) rgue that U.S. consumers should not consume lettuce. a D) rgue that the poor conditions and low wages are actually improvements for the Mexican workers, and a may be cited as gains-from-trade. E) one of the above. N Answer: D Question Status: revious Edition P 9) he Shipbreakers of Alang are T A) metaphysical representation of the WTO, deriving from Edgar Rice Burroughsʹ Princess of Mars. a B) n early version of the Russian Ice-breaker of the Dnieper-Alang class. a C) capital-intensive industry. a D) ompeting with capital-intensive industries in countries outside of India. c E) one of the above. N Answer: D Question Status: revious Edition P 10) he Shipbreakers of Alang utilize much labor and little capital, thereby supporting the applicability of the T A) actor proportions explanation of the sources of comparative advantage. f B) pecific factor theory of comparative advantage. s C) onopolistic competition theory of comparative advantage. m D) cale economies theory of comparative advantage. s E) one of the above. N Answer: A Question Status: revious Edition P 11) he Shipbreakers of Alang arouse the ire of Greenpeace because of T A) ndiaʹs non-repentant nuclear stance. I B) ndiaʹs import-competing industrialization policies. I C) he difficulty of avoiding ship accidents between Greenpeaceʹs sailboat and the reconstructed Container t ships of Alang. D) he large amount of pollution associated with the operations at Alang. t E) one of the above. N Answer: D Question Status: revious Edition P 8 12) he Shipbreakers of Alang represent a perfect example of how a developing country can apply the principles T of the Heckscher-Ohlin model, since A) hipbreaking is generally considered to be a capi...
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