Racism in America

Racism in America - Emmanuel Kayode Ms Wells English...

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Emmanuel Kayode Ms. Wells English 102.017 February 21, 2008 Is Racism Still Alive in America? America today is known as the land of freedom and opportunity. The country was build off the blood and sweat of blacks but we are treated like second hand citizens. Though it is not clear for everyone to see, many blacks face the harsh reality of racism on a daily basis. Racism does not have any limits; it could be felt by the youth, to the adults that work in the white collar environment. Racism is still alive today in America because blacks are still the minorities in the corporate world, victims of poor racial profiling, and the Jena Six incident. When somebody mentions corporate America, what comes to mind? A blond hair blue eye image or dark brown eyes and black air of wool? When you see a commercial or billboard of a Fortune 500 company, it is usually an image of a Caucasian male. The corporate would is predominantly ran by whites males, then after white males are white females. Below white women are black men. The scarcest population in the corporate world is black women. Not only seen as black but also inferior as being women, they are given less chances than others. “Last year, black employees filed a record 21,100 discrimination lawsuits in federal courts, and 5,000 promotion discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The targets of their complaints include insurance
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companies, banks, major retail firms and sports teams” (Los Angeles Business Journal.) According to
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Racism in America - Emmanuel Kayode Ms Wells English...

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