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1 7 if your computer printout includes an f statistic

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Unformatted text preview: hat is the alternative hypothesis? a.) β2 ≠0 and β3≠0 b.) β2 ≠0 or β3≠0 c.) (β2 ≠0 and β3=0) or (β2 =0 and β3≠0) d.) (β2 <0 and β3>0) or (β2 >0 and β3<0) Ans: b Section: 6.1 5. The F(1,218) distribution is equivalent to what distribution? a.) N (1,218) b.) F(2, 114) c.) t(218) d.) χ2(2,114) Ans: c Section: 6.1 6. What statistical test allows joint hypotheses to be tested? a.) Breusch- Pagan Test b.) t- test c.) Gauss- Markov d.) F- test Ans: d Section: 6.1 7. If your...
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