Transformation of Europe

Transformation of Europe - Emmanuel Kayode Mr. Davis World...

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Unformatted text preview: Emmanuel Kayode Mr. Davis World History102 February 27 2008 Transformation of Europe Since the beginning of civilization man have came to great changes and transformation. Some transformations are bigger than others, while some are unnoticeable. Great nations have come and fell while some still stand. Europe is in the category of a great and powerful that still stand. Around the 1500s Europe underwent great transformation such as the rising of new monarchs, the protestant reformation, and the rapid population increase. Some of the things that made Europe such a great empire of its time were the innovation of technology such as the print and press, weapons (cannons) and navigatory skills. The print and press revolutionized the world as it came out. It aloud people to communicate at a better efficiency and made a remarkable spread of religion due to the fast pace production of the bible. Even though the print and press was already invented in china, the print and press is mostly known as a European product. The weaponry of the Europeans made them most powerful because it allowed them to be volatile and beastie over everyone else. They introduced violence to world trade which enabled them to have anything they wanted at no cost. Europeans also put cannons on their ships. Others have never seen such machinery, so they were freighted by the noise and the massive effects. With great minds and weapons they created a man-in-the noise and the massive effects....
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Transformation of Europe - Emmanuel Kayode Mr. Davis World...

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