Representative artifacts from both cultural

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Unformatted text preview: ticated weapons and art of the Upper Paleolithic. Representative artifacts from both cultural traditions are shown here. Middle Paleolithic Upper Paleolithic Bone flute from Hohle Fels, Germany Flint point (left) and side scraper (right) from Le Moustier, France Stone double-sided scraper from Combe Grenal, France Ceramic Venus figurine from Dolni Vestonice, Czech Republic Stone burin from Brassempouy, France Wolf tooth pendant from Abri Castanet, France arTIFac Ts NoT To scale Natural History MuseuM, loNdoN (flint point and side scraper); david l. Brill (double-sided scraper); raNdall WHite New York University (wolf tooth); Getty iMaGes (flute); didier descoueNs Museum of Toulouse, France (burin); daNita deliMoNt Getty Images (Venus figurine) Culture Comes of Age 48 Scientific American, August 2011 sad0811Casp3p.indd 48 6/21/11 5:44 PM archaic contemporaries the Neandertals used the same, simpler Middle Paleolithic technology. (Members of both groups appear to have dabbled in making art and sophisticated weapons before the Upper Paleolithic, but these traditions were ephemeral compared with the ubiquitous and enduring ones...
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