Came common relatively late in human evolution the

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Unformatted text preview: . came common relatively late in human evolution. The author and her colWolpoff’s work indicated that the Krapina league assessed the proportion of older (grandparent-aged) adults relative to Neandertals died young. In 2005, a few years younger adults in four groups of human ancestors—australopithecines, early after I began researching the evolution of lonmembers of the genus Homo, Neandertals and early modern Europeans—and gevity, I decided to take another look at this found that the ratio increased only modestly over the course of human evolusample using a novel approach. I wanted to tion until around 30,000 years ago, when it skyrocketed. make sure that we were not missing older individuals as a result of the inherent limitations Time Period of wear-based seriation. Working with Jakov 3 million years ago Today Radovˇi´ of the Croatian Natural History Mucc Australopithecine seum in Zagreb, Steven A. Goldstein, Jeffrey A. Meganck and Dana L. Begun, all at Michigan, Young Old and undergraduate students from Central Michigan University, I developed a new nondestructive method—using high-resolution three-dimensional microcomputed tomograEarly Homo phy (µCT)—to reassess how old the Krapina individual...
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