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Vocab and concepts: Cell theory: (4 parts) -Cell is the basic structural unit of life - Activity of an organism depends on the individual cell and collective activities of it's cells - Biochemical activities are determined by number of specific subcellular structures -Continuity of life has a cellular basis Human cells have three parts: -Plasma membrane - Semi-permeable structure on the outside of the cell -Cytoplasm- "inside the cell" -Nucleus- "Center" where DNA is replicated Intracellular - Inside of the cell Extracellular -Outside of the cell Plasma membrane: -Fluid mosaic model- Lipid bilayer with proteins imbedded -Hydrophilic head- Water loving -Hydrophobic tail- Water fearing Glyco- Sugar Lipid- Fat Glycolipids- Phospholipids with attached sugar groups Functions of the plasma membrane: -Transport -Enzymatic activity -Receptors for signal transduction -Intercellular joining -Cell-Cell recognition -Structural support Integral proteins- proteins that are firmly inserted in the lipid bilayer peripheral proteins- proteins that are loosely attached
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