Lab #1 - Name: Joseph "Fitz" Maro Lab Partners:...

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Name : Joseph “Fitz” Maro Lab Partners : Bryan Keelon and Laura Taylor Abstract : - In this experiment we prepared samples of oxygen and carbon dioxide by means of chemical reactions, and then investigated some of their chemical properties. The lab included examinations of the most important gases in our breath: oxygen and carbon dioxide. -Our results seemed to be accurate within reason for such a simple lab. We tested each gas for its reactivity with a water solution (limewater) and the determined whether or not the gas reacted with water for form an acid. Keywords: -Catalyst: a substance that participates in a chemical reaction and influences its speed without undergoing permanent change. -Indicator: used to test for changes in acidity, in the lab we used the indicator “bromthymol blue”. This indicator turned yellow if the solution was acidic, and stayed blue if it was non-acidic.
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Questions: (1)- The sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO 3 ), when mixed with the hydrochloric acid (HCl), creates a reaction that creates sodium chloride (NaCl), water (H
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Lab #1 - Name: Joseph "Fitz" Maro Lab Partners:...

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