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Ch.04 Quiz 1. Job satisfaction and employee performance are likely to be positively related when: a. pay is linked to attendance b. non-participative techniques are used c. rewards are valued by employees and are tied directly to performance d. employee turnover is high 2. The two major cognitive routes to persuasion include: a. the direct and central b. the direct and peripheral c. the central and circular d. the central and peripheral 3. Which of the following statements is most correct? a. Locus of control has little to do with ethical behavior. b. Other people control persons who are strong on internal locus of control. c. Persons with an internal locus of control make more ethical decisions than others. d. Individuals with an internal locus of control are more likely to exhibit uncontrollable beha- vior. 4. High-Machs: a. believe that any means justify the desired ends b. accept authority better than low-Machs c. exhibit very strong corporate loyalty d. are easily manipulated by others 5. In Stage 6 of Kohlberg's cognitive moral development model, individuals: a. obey rules to avoid punishment b. control others c. focus on the expectations of others d. follow self-selected ethical principles
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