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Bicycle Citizens - o Deductive general theory-> test in...

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Bicycle Citizens taking taxi v. bike riding, cant take taxi to community meeting ppl think you could’ve used that money for something else self-conscious not a typical political science book points could’ve been made clearer with more statistics modes of Analysis o Ethnography continual cycle of specifics and theory Participant observation immerse in study of ppl o Inductive What’s going on in real life does it tell us anything Less nuanced in terms of theory just go ahead and study topic
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Unformatted text preview: o Deductive general theory-> test in real life what generalization? Typical political science way of study Housewife ethic help community, others, self-lessness; What does the book teach us about Japanese political culture/political party life? • liberal democratic party as corrupt • too distant a role of powerful men; no need to get involved apathy • Good Citizens 2 not be apart of politics not necessarily o Need to be more open about being politically active...
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