lab 8 (exp 14) - Name: Joseph "Fitz" Maro Lab...

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Name : Joseph “Fitz” Maro Lab Partners : Bryan Keelon and Laura Taylor Title: Measurement of Water Hardness Date: November 13, 2007 I hereby declare upon my word of honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work. Abstract : - In this lab we analyzed water samples for the combined concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions know as “total hardness”. We used the titration method which is fast, easy, and one of the most widely used analytical techniques in many areas of chemistry and biology. -Our results were reasonably accurate for the situation and limited materials that we were working with. Specifically we found two of the three samples to be ‘soft’ water, and one to be moderately hard. According to our lab assistant, the numbers seemed to be on par with what was expected. Keywords: Titration method of analysis: a titration where a known quantity of acid solution is measured out; then a solution of base (usually NaOH) is added slowly until just enough has been added to react with all of the acid. Indicator:
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lab 8 (exp 14) - Name: Joseph "Fitz" Maro Lab...

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