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Strativeexpenses expensesclaimsjudgments

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Unformatted text preview: ansfer from GF 500,000 500,000 Billings to Departments Billings to Departments General Fund Expenditures – Operating 80,000 80,000 Due to SIF Enterprise Fund Expenses – Claims & Judgments 20,000 20,000 Due to SIF Self­Insurance Fund Due from GF 80,000 Due From EF 20,000 Revenues – Billings to Departments 100,000 Collections of Billings Collections of Billings General Fund Due to SIF 60,000 60,000 Cash Enterprise Fund Due to SIF 15,000 15,000 Cash Self­Insurance Fund Cash 75,000 Due from GF 60,000 Due from Enterprise Fund 15,000 Purchase of Investments Purchase of Investments Investments Cash 460,000 460,000 Paid Premiums to Insurers Paid Premiums to Insurers Expenses – Insurance Premiums Prepaid Insurance Cash 7,500 500 8,000 Payments to Settle Claims Payments to Settle Claims Expenses – Claims & Judgments Cash 22,000 22,000 Accruing Probable Losses and Accruing Probable Losses and Payin...
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