World of Water Study Guide THE LAST ONE

World of Water Study Guide THE LAST ONE - World of Water...

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World of Water Study Guide: Exam IV   02/12/2007 22:00:00 1. Know the percentage of earth’s water in groundwater and soil water Groundwater: 0.6% Soil: 0.001% 2. The radius of the earth is approximately 4000 miles, the average depth of oceans is 2.3 mile, soil = meters. Soils: 0.001 miles 3. Know the major components of soils (e.g. mineral particles) and their % in an idealized surface soil. Gas: 25% Liquid: 25% Solid: 50% (45% inorganic, 5% organic) 4. Know essentially how particle size (large vs. small) impacts soil porosity. Soil pores form a network of spaces within the soil which conduct and retain water and gases. Pores may be completely or partially filled with water. Water flows and is retained in soil pore spaces. Impacts on pore spaces impact water flow. 5. Know the value for soil particle density and the appropriate units. Particle density: 2.65 g/cm^3 6. Be able to calculate the bulk density of a soil and know the difference between particle and bulk density. Bulk Density= mass Oven Dried Soil/ volume solids + pores Bulk Density: density of soil including the particles and the pore spaces IT MEASURES THE MASS OF THE OSIL SOLIDS IN RELATION TO THE VOLUME OF THE SOIL SOLIDS AND THE SOIL PORES Particle Density: density of individual soil particles Particle density= mass of particle/ volume of particle
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7. Know the relationship between bulk density and porosity. Be able to calculate porosity from bulk density. Since the density of the particles is a constant, the only thing that can impact bulk density is the porosity. The greater the porosity, the lower the bulk density. Porosity= Volume of pores/Volume of soil Total porosity-> total water capacity % Porosity= [1-(BD/PD0] X 100 P= 20- 60% 8. Know the three soil separates and be able to rank them according to size. Sand: 2.0- 0.05 mm Silt: 0.0f- 0.002 mm Clay: <0.002 mm 9. Know the two forces that move water in soils. Gravity and Capillarity
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World of Water Study Guide THE LAST ONE - World of Water...

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