ROMEreview - Oct 31 st to Dec 7 th Politics drives Roman...

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Unformatted text preview: Oct 31 st to Dec 7 th Politics drives Roman art Dates are often on the art piece itself • Ancient rome worked on a patronage system o Know who the patrons of the art were!! o What is the subject matter/content(something expressed through some medium) o What is the symbolism? Snake=earth Bare feet & naked= diety o Battle, treaty, wedding, economic/political event? • Oct 31 st o Images from the eruption of mt. Vesuvius (80’s AD) The paintings came from the medieval times Pliny the younger(saw from a distance) and elder(died) witnessed the eruption from diff places Pumace & pyroclastic flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dio Cassius wrote about the eruption o Herculaneum Seaside Baths at Herculaneum Palaestra= “writing grounds” Considerably smaller than pompey A working town that had evidence of fishing boats o Body Casts: People/animals covered in ash and discintigrated from the heat and left a negative space When they were discovered they were filled with plaster to make the casts Most people died from toxic gases o Lapilli: the pebbles of pumace that fell(on Herculaneum) o Pyroclastic Flow/Tufa: The ash(fell on pompey) o Villa of Veius Pollio Augustan West of Naples Has literary refrences Owned by pubalus beteus pulio?? Who was a friend of Augustus o Villa San Marco Stabiae, Italy on a ridge on the bay Innovative architecturally and it was a pleasure villa o Villa of Bosoreale Circa 60-40 B.C. More well preserved Elaborately decorated with frescoes o VILLA OF THE PAPYRI Owned by L. Calpurnius Piso Caesonius • Julius Caesar’s father-in-law • Followed Epicurius and was the enemy of Cicero During the time of Augustus One of the first villas in the preservation art? Many sculptures • The wrestlers • The fawn Located in Herculaneum • Several large statues • Long fountain 1785 Papyri found in the LIBRARY Most well known for the library and papyri fountain Dug by Carl Weber • He stole things for the King of Naples • No scholarly observation when it was first discovered Today the villa is still deeply embedded underground...
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ROMEreview - Oct 31 st to Dec 7 th Politics drives Roman...

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