5 a into page into the page this cylinder r1 5 cm is

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Unformatted text preview: side 2 mm. You can assume that this detector is smaller than the wave itself, and is oriented so that its surface is perpendicular to the incoming beam. You can also assume that the detector is 100% efficient at converting all the radiative energy incident on it into useful power. What, then, is the average power <P> that our detector would generate? As always, units are an enormous help. The units of your answer to part e) tell you how to determine the answer to this question! detector y 11. A conducting cylinder is P oriented parallel to the z axis and carries a uniform current I in the negative z direction I = 2.5 A into page (into the page). This cylinder R1 = 5 cm is hollow, however, with a R2 R2 = 12 cm cylindrical bore centered on point P: y = 15 cm x the point Q shown in the R1 Q figure. The radius of this bore point Q: y =  ­3 cm is R1, while the outer radius of the cylinder is R2. a) Calculate the magnetic field at the point P on the y...
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